ChEAS FTP Data Access

Permission to download a file from this ftp site does not grant permission to use the information contained in that file for publication. Please contact the owner of the file or the appropriate faculty member before use of any such information in a publication. Please obtain permission before uploading any data to this ftp server. Use of this computer for illegal or unauthorized purposes is prohibited.

For ownership information, please contact:
Kenneth J. Davis
Penn State Univ., Dept. of Meteorology
503 Walker Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802-5013
phone: (814) 863-8601

Data are available via the web at:
You can download entire directories from http using the wget utility

Data for the sun photometer are available by clicking and choosing Data, then the level of data quality you want, and finally select the Chequamegon site located in Central U.S. - Wisconsin.

You can also access specific data sets from long term field sites by clicking on Field Sites and choosing the appropriate site.