ChEAS Major Projects and Principal Investigators

        Observations of CO2 Mixing Ratios and Surface Exchange Fluxes at WLEF

    Peter S. Bakwin, Kenneth J. Davis, Dale Hurst, Jud Isebrands, Ron Teclaw, and Conglong Zhao

Measuring and modeling component and whole-ecosystem carbon dioxide flux at local to regional scales
    P. Bolstad, P. Reich and K. Davis

Regional Forest-ABL Coupling: Influence on CO2 and Climate
    K.J. Davis, A.S. Denning and D.D. Baldocchi

Validation of ASTER and MODIS Surface-Temperature and Vegetation Products with Surface-Flux Applications
    S. Tom Gower, John M. Norman, George R. Diak, and Kenneth J. Davis

Regularities in Plant Control of Evapotranspiration and Carbon Gain Across Sites
    Vincent P. Gutschick and Bhaskar Choudhury

Influence of Northern Forest Canopies on Microclimate and Plant Species Regeneration
    J. G. Isebrands, R. M. Teclaw, and J. C. Zasada

Regional and Global Estimation of Terrestrial CO2 Exchange from Ameriflux Data
    A. Scott Denning and Joseph A. Berry

Long-term water flux changes from converting old-growth pine forests to hardwood forests in northern Wisconsin
    D. Scott MacKay and S. T. Gower

Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Budgets for Wisconsin Forests and its Forest Product Chains

   Stith T. Gower and Douglas Ahl

Other projects with some focus on the ChEAS region. Projects in italics have been submitted but not yet funded.





Funding source

Atmospheric carbon cycle measurements and analysis, global, continental and regional.

Pieter Tans, U. Colorado, Peter Bakwin, NOAA/CMDL

CO2 and trace gas measurements

WLEF, pan-U.S.


Pieter Tans, U. Colorado, Peter Bakwin, NOAA/CMDL

Airborne CO2 and trace gas profiling

WLEF, pan-U.S.


Paul Wennberg, UC Irvine

FTIR measurements of CO2 column amount



Kenneth Davis, PSU, and Scott Denning, CSU

Regional, seasonal atmospheric inversion study



Jim Ehleringer, Univ. Utah

Observations and interpretation of stable isotopes.

ChEAS, other BASIN sites around the globe.


Britt Stephens, NCAR

O2/N2 measurements, interpretation



INTEX N. America

Airborne atmospheric chemistry project, 2004

ChEAS, east and west coast sites, continental transects

NASA (planning underway)

S. Wofsy, Harvard COBRA - Lagrangian budgets WLEF + multi sites Many
Kenneth Davis and Scott Richardson, PSU Virtual tall tower CO2 mesonet Midwest U.S. DoE NACP, proposal submitted 5/2003
Joe Berry, Stanford     proposal submitted 5/2003

Ecosystem-atmosphere flux measurements, ecosystem processes, upscaling.

Eileen Carey, U. Minn, Paul Bolstad U. Minn, , Kenneth Davis, PSU, Margaret Davis, U. Minn

Old growth flux measurements

UP of Michigan

DoE TCP, renewal submitted 3/2003

Jiquan Chen, U. Toledo Forest age, structure, and impact on carbon balance Western Chequamegon, N. Forest, UP of Mich. NSF
P. Bolstad, U. Minnesota, Kenneth Davis, PSU Multi-scale fluxes at 3 towers and related stands WLEF, Willow Creek, Lost Creek DoE - Ameriflux, proposal submitted 5/2003
K. Davis, & others Coupled water, CO2 and CH4 cycles in a northern forest WLEF/ChEAS NSF
J. Chen, U. Toledo Regional CO2 and CH4 fluxes ChEAS NASA IDS
Remote sensing, modeling of ecosystem processes S. Gower, U. Wisc MODIS validation ChEAS + other sites NASA
F. Heinsch, U. Montana BIOME-BGC modeling ChEAS, Ameriflux sites NIGEC
G. Collatz, NASA Disturbance, climate, and regional carbon fluxes ChEAS, BOREAS NASA IDS
S. Mackay, U. Buffalo Sap flux, regional flux modeling WLEF/ChEAS NASA IDS
S. Ollinger, U. New Hamp. MODIS modeling, regional N, C flux Willow, Lost Creek NASA IDS
Integration K. Davis, PSU RCN grant ChEAS NSF