Lost Creek Flux Tower

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10 m Tower
Instrument shelter and solar panels
Sonic anemometer and radiation sensors

Alder thicket viewed from tower base
Mixed wetland vegetation viewed from Hwy 47

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Location:   46° 4.9' N, 89° 58.7' W (click here for aerial photographs)
Elevation:  approx. 480 m above sea level (click here for topo map)
Annual Average Precipitation/Snowfall (Park Falls, 1961-1990):  81.8 / 126.2 cm
Annual Average Temperature (Park Falls, 1961-1990):  4.8°C
Stand age:  unknown
Species Composition:  Alder-Willow (click here for compartment maps)
Canopy height:  approx. 1-2 m
Leaf Area Index (LAI):   to be determined
Average Stem Diameter at Breast Height (dbh):   to be determined
Soils:  Lupton, Cathro, and Tawas mucks, 0-1% slope;  these poorly drained soils formed on outwash sands,
    and are composed primarily of sapric material about 0.75 m thick near the tower.
Established:  4 September 2000


    Glen Martin fold over tower (30 ft)
    CSI CR23X datalogger, 4 Mb extended memory
    CSI CR10X datalogger, 1 Mb extended memory
    CSI AM416 multiplexer
    LI-COR 6262 (CO2/H 2O fluxes) and 6251 (CO 2 profile)
    GAST 0532 rotary vane pump (for 6262) and Brailsford TD4x2NA double acting diaphram pumps (for 6251)
    ¼" (od) PFA or Dekabon 1300 tubing, and Gelman Acro 50 teflon inlet filters
    High precision CO 2 profiler (see Peter Bakwin et al., 1998, Tellus 47B:535-549)
    CSI CSAT Sonic anemometer
    CSI CS500 Temperature/Relative humidity sensor
    LI-COR LI-200X Silicon pyranometer
    Kipp & Zonan NR-Lite net radiometer
    Kipp & Zonan PAR-Lite Quantum sensor
    CSI model 237 leaf wetness sensor
    Type T thermocouples (soil/tree temperatures; air temperatures from 1.2 to 3.0 m)
    CSI 10TCRXTCR Thermocouple reference thermistor
    REBS HFT-3 soil heat flux plate
    Water depth pressure transducer (Omega PX242-005G)
    Texas Electronics 6" tipping bucket rain gauge with CSI CS705 snowfall adapter and Onset Hobo Event Logger
    RAD Short-haul modems and CSI SC32A optically isolated interface
    Systemax portable computer and Iomega 1 Gb Jaz drive
    Astropower 120W solar panels
    Trace C40 battery chargers and 24VDC/4400 AHr battery bank (Trojan T150s)

Sampling Frequencies:
    0.1 second - eddy covariance measurements (wind speed/direction, CO2 , H2O)
    1 second - radiation, air temperature, H2 O mixing ratio
    1 minute - leaf wetness
    10 minutes - air/soil/tree temperatures, water table depth, soil heat flux
    15 minutes - interval between profile CO2 measurments for any level

Standards and Calibration:
    CO 2standards - 340, 440, 550 ppm CO 2 in air (calibrated using NOAA primary standards).
    CO 2 mixing ratio - LI-6251 zeroed every 45 minutes, calibrated with 3 standards every 4 hours.
    CO 2 and H2 O flux - LI-6262 continuously calibrated with LI-6251 and humidity measurements.

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