Mixed Upland Micromet Station

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Station and understory vegetation
Station viewed from above 
Undercanopy PAR
Overstory vegetation

Location:  45° 56.53' N, 90° 16.48' W  (click here for topo map)
Elevation:  approx. 470 m above sea level
Annual Average Precipitation/Snowfall (Park Falls, 1961-1990):  81.8 / 126.2 cm
Annual Average Temperature (Park Falls, 1961-1990):  4.8°C
Species Composition:  Mixed deciduous/coniferous
Soils:  coarse glacial till (click here for profile description)
Established:  23 September 1997


    CSI Tripod (2 m)
    CSI CR10X datalogger, 1 Mb extended memory
    CSI AM416 multiplexer
    Type T thermocouples (soil/tree temperatures)
    CSI 107 soil temperature probes
    CSI 10TCRXTCR Thermocouple reference thermistor
    CSI CS615 Soil water content reflectometer probes
    LI-COR Quantum sensor (PAR)
    Met One windset
    Vaisale HMP35C Temperature/Relative humidity probe
    CSI SR50 Sonic ranging snow depth sensor
    Solarex VLX-53 solar panel and 12VDC deep cycle battery

Sampling Frequencies:
    1 second - PAR
    10 seconds - meteorological measurements (air T/RH, wind speed/direction)
    10 minutes - soil and other measurements

Data Output:  10 minute averages

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